Elmobtaker is one of the largest independent lubricant oil suppliers in Libya (North Africa). We market a  comprehensive selection of high quality lubricants and specialties which find their way in a wide range of applications.

The products are developed and produced by specialists who can choose from a wide variety of base oils and additives, to obtain lubricants meeting the latest standards of the Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM’s) and International Standardization Committees.

We represent brands whose products are produced in one of the largest and most sophisticated lubricant blending plants in UK and Europe. The ISO 2001 certified blending plant has a fully equipped laboratory at it’s disposal which guarantees 100 percent product compliance, and is further-more capable of offering an “oils in service” analyses program.

Elmobtaker prides itself as offering International Brands of sophisticated product lines of the highest quality available in UK and Europe. The best possible service of Elmobtaker sales- and technical staff facilitates the marketing of the products. Commitment, personal and individual support of our partners and customers is our vision.


We have readily available stocks of Exol and 77 Lubricants in Libya with the capability of delivery on site.

    • Mineral Engine Oils
    • Fully / Semi Synthetic Engine Oils
    • Gear & Transmission Oils
    • Hydraulic Oils
    • Gas Turbine Oils
    • Greases



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